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For those who intend to replace their heating system that makes use of fossil fuels (oil or gas) or electricity with a new renewable energy system, such as pellets, Canton Ticino provides important incentives. A brief summary can be found below.

  • Incentive for hand-loaded pellet stove: CHF 3,000 (lump-sum incentive)
  • Incentive for automated pellet system up to 70 kW nominal output: CHF 5,000 + CHF 100 per kW installed.
  • If a hydraulic system for heat distribution is implemented for the first time in this area, an additional bonus of CHF 5,000 + CHF 100 is granted for each kW installed.

What conditions must pellet systems comply with?

Pellet heating systems must have the Swiss Wood Energy Quality Seal or equivalent and the SwitzerlandEnergy Wood Heating Performance Guarantee must be provided. As of January 1, 2022, the use of pellets made from wood produced in Ticino must be proven by signing a supply contract lasting at least 5 years with a Ticino manufacturer.

Canton Graubünden also provides incentives, you just have to take advantage of them!

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