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Why Swiss pellets?

Today we bring you an article, from the December 2018 Swiss Wood Energy Bulletin, explaining how pellets are produced and how Swiss pellets differ from others, not only in the quality of the raw material used, but also in how environmentally friendly its production process is! For the drying of the raw material, ... Read more

Pellet stove: there is something for everyone!

There are different types of cladding on the market that are well suited to different styles of decor. - Steel cladding: this is best suited to contemporary decor, with easy-to-clean cladding and an immediate result of order and linearity. - Ceramic cladding: reaches high temperatures in a short time and yields heat in ... Read more

Solar thermal energy: how does it work?

Solar thermal systems are a technology that allows the direct conversion of the sun's energy into thermal energy, which is used to heat domestic water. Solar thermal systems base their operation on a rather simple technology: the collector converts solar energy into heat, which is transported via the heat transfer fluid to a heat exchanger ... Read more

Record year for pellets

2017 stands as the most successful year for pellets. Announcing this is, which reports that the number of pellet stoves sold rose 16 percent over the previous year, and as a result, demand for pellets also increased, by 8 percent. Also rising is the domestic production ... Read more

Mobile pellet heating

A viable alternative for heating construction sites. Efficient, environmentally friendly and practical Mobile pellet heating systems are a viable alternative to fuel oil for heating construction sites, greenhouses and event halls. Environmentally friendly even during the construction phase To date, the most popular fuel for heating construction sites is ... Read more

Which pellet to choose?

Not all pellets are the same: it is essential to pay attention to quality! The spread of pellets over the years has led to an increasing supply, sometimes of dubious quality. To know how to make the best choice, it is essential to know the characteristics of quality pellets, aware of the risks involved in using poor pellets. ... Read more


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