Cleaning of vacuum systems

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Cleaning grease hoods and exhaust ducts of industrial kitchens is a service we perform using new technology that enables deep cleaning:

  • Of grease from fume hoods and wall-mounted fume hoods with filters
  • Of the fat from cooking food
  • Of intake duct grease
  • Of grease from snails and caissons
  • Of grease from fans and vacuum motors. 

Cleaning the vacuum system, why?

  • Hygiene inspections by the Canton Laboratory: thorough cleaning of the hood contributes to the general hygiene of the kitchen, which is essential for passing hygiene inspections.
  • Contamination risk due to dripping: the presence of greasy residues inside filters and ducts and the consequent dripping from hoods and fume evacuation channels can cause contamination of food during cooking and/or preparation. In addition, the organic deposits that are formed are an excellent substrate for the proliferation of bacteria and mold that, in addition to generating bad odors, can be hazardous to human health and contaminate food.
  • Fire risk prevention: issues related to the fume extraction system have always been a concern in industrial kitchens. In fact, extracted vapors are composed of a high percentage of grease that accumulates in filters, hoods, ducts and extractors. Cleaning therefore prevents this highly flammable grease from being a cause of fire.